Career Commendations: 

"Glenn is always going over and above to support the customer. He's awesome. Just wanted you to know that of everyone on distribution, he stepped up to the plate in the way he does everything else. He's an outstanding team player and he always helps the new hires get adjusted wrt all of the new and ever changing processes in IA."
- Dar Fromhart, Contract Team Lead, 2/23/12

"I want to express my thanks for your efforts in getting the SAFE ATO. I appreciate your attention to detail and keeping on top of the various schedules. Please pass along my thanks to those who were helping along the way."
- Head, Aircraft Structural Life Surveillance Branch, AIR-, 4/21/11

"99% - A - Really well done, Glenn. One of the best this semester. The only thought is you might want to consider VLAN separation on internal networks. Nice work….very thorough…very well presented." - Professor Dan Hickey, Capitol College, Perimeter Protection Class Capstone Project, Masters Degree, 12/05/2010

"100% - A. Glenn, this is very well done. Very nicely presented, and your analysis is very thorough and on the money. Your attention to detail is admirable. Great job." - Professor Dan Hickey, Capitol College, Perimeter Protection Class Lab Final Report, October 07, 2010

"Glenn, I just want you to know how thankful I am to have you on this team. You are *always* looking out for everyone. All of the new hires tell me how you show the Desk Guide to them and you always make them aware of our processes and helpful information when they first come on board. I just want you to know how much I truly appreciate how you share so much helpful information with everyone on the IT/IM team. You're awesome."
- Dar Fromhart, Contract Team Lead, 10/5/10

"Thanks Glenn, That was very informative and I hope Melissa will give us clear guidance on what we need to do to correct the systems that may have used the wrong version of Vulnerator. I appreciate all of the hard work you put into this document and you even anticipated my next questions about how these changes reflected when using Gold Disk and SRRs."
- Mike Chick, IAO, 8/11/10

"Your hard work and dedication is recognized and appreciated, not only by IT/IM Organization, but the GDIT Team One! Keep up the great work."
- Melissa Holman, Contract Manager, GDIT, 7/15/10

"Alicia: thanks for sharing and thanks to you Glenn for performing in such an outstanding manner. You are awesome!"
- Patty Robrecht, SAIC Division Manager, 7/14/10

"More kudos today, this time for Glenn Cross! He was responsible for ensuring the NAVAIR-wide classified Video Teleconferencing System (VTC) did not lose its accreditation status (which would result in turning the system off). This took a lot of time, energy & coordination (between the customer, the Echelon II, DISA & NNWC) to ensure he had all the documents he needed."
- Alicia Parker, SAIC Supervisor, 7/14/10

"Citing an award to Glenn Cross, by David C. Wooten, Presidential Helicopter Program manager, Air Anti-Submarine Warfare, Assault, and Special Mission Programs (PMA-274), for his professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail while verifying and validating the information system security measures of the VIP Helicopter software support activity system configuration, in addition to assisting with the implementation of system security measures and preparing the required certification and accreditation documentation."
- Alicia Parker, SAIC Supervisor, 4/13/10


"I wish to extend my sincere appreciation for your personal commitment and support towards the successful Certification and Accreditation efforts of the VH Software Support Activity (VH SSA - Presidential Helicopter) System Configuration. Your significant time, effort and dedication ensuring all requirements were verified and compliant, while maintaining operational status of this configuration was truly noteworthy. The attention to detail in verification and validation of information system security measures of the VH-SSA System Configuration, in addition to assisting with the implementation of system security measures, and preparation of the required certification and accreditation documentation, is a testament to your dedication to duty, proficiency, professionalism, and willingness to "get-the-job-done." - Program Executive Officer, Air ASW, Assault and Special Mission Programs, Department of the Navy  3/23/10

"Your timing couldn't have been more perfect. During the NAD CCB meeting yesterday, Nancy Jackson and Steve Jackson were asking for an acronym list and it was on my list of things to do today. You just saved me some digging. Greatly appreciated. Thank YOU for all you're doing to consistently improve and maintain the desk guide and provide all of that excellent info to our new folks on the team. You rock Glenn!" - Dar Fromhart, SAIC Supervisor, 12/15/09

"I want to commend you on the great job you did from start to finish in leading this project. From organizing, getting a place to work, making everyone feel like a part of the group, not allowing pitfalls to get us off track to manning the controls in Centra.  And the details, details, details like putting the name of the next presenter on the slides and frequent updates!  And you still kept your regular job!!  Awesome!!!" - from Steve, classmate in a team project at Capitol College - Graduate Program 11/12/09

"I wish you could do something like this for every process we have. You are so talented I never want you to leave me." - Dar Fromhart, SAIC Supervisor, 8/12/09

"Greg arranged for Glenn Cross to support the subject meeting last week with a classified capable computer. The level of support provided by Glenn and 7.2.6 was above anything that we could have hoped for and the meeting was successful because of it." - Study Director, Battlespace Engineering, 8/11/09

"OMG! Glenn, Mr. TSU, you are so freakin' talented! These videos ROCK! I think this is just the beginning. Glenn's helpful videos for IA and CND FAQs...Our IAOs and SAs could be steered to Glenn's collection of helpful videos for all aspects of IA and CND. Glenn's helpful video for the Illogical but Mandatory Use of Talon Cards...the list goes on and on... I'm thinking that if we had a DIACAP training video to explain the "new" DIACAP process for NAWCAD it would be phenomenal! OMG, you rock!!!" - Supervisor, 6/23/09

"Thank you again for your service and dedication to SAIC and congratulations on this much deserved recognition. You are an excellent employee who is a credit to SAIC. The customer support and focus on mission and tasks is exceptional. Your willingness to participate in proposals and aid in business growth is special. Well done!" - Business Unit Sr VP and GM 3/26/09

"The Team accomplished the task of scanning close to three thousand devices under extremely tight deadline. They coordinated with NAVAIR Teammates to obtain resources to perform the task, developed processes to organize and fulfill the scanning requirements and delivered daily reporting to NAVAIR Leadership. This task involved working after hours and through lunch hours to achieve the scanning goal. Throughout this task, each team member demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and perseverance in his or her willingness to make the extra effort to accomplish the goal." - Distinguished Team Performance Letter from NAVAIR Command Information Officer Jack Summers 12/17/08

"You've been a brick - always knowledgeable, ready, and willing to supply us with much needed IT solutions." NTSP Manager 7/24/07

"My personal thanks for your support, professionalism, knowledge, can-do attitude and friendship. I appreciate your embrace of the PMA248 mission and subsequent PMA205 mission. You indeed have contributed to the successes of aviation training and range sustainability." VP of METI, Inc. 7/24/07

"Since my short time here, it has been a real pleasure working with you. You made my transition from the Air Force to NAVAIR, helping me through the NMCI indoctrination less stressful." TCTS - DAPML 7/24/07

"Glenn, Thanks soooooooooo much for all the help you have provided me over the last 5 years ......your smile, personality, willingness to help, professionalism and just plain talent have made my life better."  LATR Program Mgr 7/24/07

"You did a super fantastic job over the last 5 years. You'll be missed." EW Program Mgr 7/24/07

"You have always been very helpful answering my questions and providing needed information to make our lives easier." Orlando Management Analyst 7/24/07

"Thanks for all your support, you have always been very helpful, definitely a go to guy!" H-60 Program Manager 7/24/07

"It has been both a pleasure and honor to work with you. You are an extremely bright individual and it has been fun having someone to share the true "tech" stuff. Thanks again for being so dedicated and becoming a good friend/advisor."  Supervisor and Friend - The Mil Corp, June 2007

"The MIL Corporation's Employee of the Month Nomination - Patuxent River, April 2006: "Glenn Cross is being recognized for his ongoing hard work and dedication to the PMA205. Glenn has been working in the Program Manager of Acquisition community for the past four years and has spent the past year in PMA205. Glenn has inherited many new responsibilities in the past six months and Glenn's primary duty is to maintain and enhance the PMA205 web site. Due to changeover in the team, Glenn has had to train other support staff and pick up additional duties, including the almost full time job as the primary liaison for PMA205 with NMCI. Glenn's customers and fellow technicians rave about his attention to detail, hardware and software knowledge. Glenn's excellence in customer support makes Glenn an important contributor and teammate in executing PMA205's overall mission."

From my Operations Team Lead, Kevin W., PMA205 Training Systems:
""Pound for pound one of the most productive people on the Operations staff. Products are of the highest caliber."

For overhaul and redeployment of the NAVY web site for Training Systems Program Office, from Robert R., ATC USN:   "Big, big improvement in PMA205's web presence!" 9/08/05

For graphics image work building a wall display, from CDR Chris W., NAVAIR Depot, USN, Jacksonville, Fl:
"The wall display looks great! Thanks for all the hard work; our office space is now the envy of the building. Thanks again."  11/10/04

About recent support given as move coordinator for the Tactical Training Ranges (PMA248) Program Office of the U.S. Navy, Patuxent River Naval Base, from the program manager, Captain K. S. Graeser:

"Your exemplary attention to detail, constant communication in keeping the team apprised of dynamic changes and coordination with move personnel provided the team with unsurpassed dependability that truly eased the transition. Our team continues to depend on your highly capable support and deeply appreciates you being part of the Team. Thank you for your continuous "can do" attitude and commitment to PMA-248."  5/19/04

Concerning earlier support given to PMA248, from the program manager, Captain K. S. Graeser:

"Since your arrival, you have proven yourself by exhibiting a dedicated work ethic, proactive attitude and excellent communication skills...In particular, your efforts regarding the entrance hall wallboard should be commended. Your quickness in learning the purpose of this program office and translating it into graphic displays ensures our mission is communicated...Our team depends on your highly capable support and deeply appreciates you being part of the team. Thank you for your commitment to this office and for being a great Team player."  6/26/02

About an extensive fast track project Glenn and 5 teammates worked on during the AOL\Time Warner merger:

"Thank you for your contributions to the development of the AOL IC Helpdesk and Desktop Service proposal to Time Warner. The proposal was presented to the Time Warner IT Executive Council of CIO's on November 9, 2000. It was well received. The council endorsed the proposal and gave it's go ahead for the Time Warner Divisions to work with AOL IC on implementation immediately following the close of the AOL Time Warner merger. Your efforts made the difference. You made the proposal successful. Take pride in your accomplishments." -from Sr. VP of Internal Computing, 11/13/2000

About the quality of the intranet web site Glenn developed and maintained:

"I continue to hear good things about the usability and overall appearance of the new IC Website. Thank you for an excellent job. The redesign was fast and focused on the requirements of IC and the response shows that you hit the target dead center! Great Job!!!!!" -from Glenn's boss, 12/30/99

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the new layout of the IC Help area. It is well laid out, thorough, and easy to navigate through. Beautiful!!!" -from an executive assistant to an AOL Sr VP, 7/23/99

"Congratulations on the prominent top billing and visibility of our online services in the employee channel. It says a lot about the quality of your work." -from Glenn's boss, 2/11/99

 About Glenn's work on a project to integrate the newly acquired CompuServe company under the AOL internal computing support infrastructure, requiring site visits for fact finding and making recommendations for the new service structure and process to provide CompuServe staff technical support:

"Outstanding KUDO's to the Help Central staff led by Glenn and specifically for Glenn himself. His ability to communicate and work closely during the ongoing stages was just awesome." -from manager of PC support at CompuServe, 6/14/98

 About Glenn's "Help Central" (Help Desk and Desktop Support) team he managed:

"I've been with AOL for 11 years now and have never seen better service within the company." - from AOL department director of International Technologies, 10/23/97

"The help desk gets better and better." -from a Sr. Producer within AOL NYC, 9/12/97

"I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate the quality of the people who are at Help Central" - from an administrative assistant at AOL, 7/10/97

"You guys are great and give fast, prompt and wonderful service!" - from a technical staffer at AOL, 7/7/97

"Between Glenn's Operating Procedures and his stats he has got the right balance of management control and measurement pegged. These accomplishments are a benchmark for how all of our departments should operate. Keep up the good work." -from Glenn's director of Internal Computing, AOL, 8/20/96

"Glenn, whatever you're doing, KEEP IT UP! Clearly you are instilling a great attitude/ethic in your team." -from Glenn's boss' boss, 8/16/96

 While Glenn was Sr. Technical Analyst at the National Academy of Sciences, assigned to support the Office of Science and Engineering Personnel, (OSEP), and Commission on Life Sciences, (CLS):

"Glenn, thanks for helping me out of a jam every time my windows froze, my Freelance acted up, and my software programs disappeared. You've always been so responsive and downright pleasant to work with. Now I understand why OSEP was so excited when we heard you were coming back to be our analyst." -from an OSEP staffer, 4/96

"I have always appreciated your ability to handle the pressures of your job while keeping a friendly and helpful attitude. You will be a difficult person to replace." -from an OSEP division supervisor, 4/96

"On behalf of the Council of the Academy, I write to thank you for your assistance in ensuring the success of this year's annual meeting. Your diligence in handling the many details of the "technology centers" for the meeting was indeed appreciated. I know that coordinating the project and actual installation required much time and effort on your part. Dedication such as yours is what guarantees the meeting is a success." -from the Home Secretary, NAS, 5/21/95

"I understand that it is review time for the technical analysts. Although I have been with OSEP for 2 months as the Admin. Officer, I have worked quite a bit with Glenn during that time and wanted to offer my assessment of Glenn's performance, brief as it may be. In addition to his regular duties as technical analyst, he also leads the monthly PC Contact meeting we have in OSEP. He is very organized and on top of things and always prepared for those meetings. I have found Glenn to be very responsive to all of OSEP, as well as to me as the Admin. Officer. He has been a big help to me as the new kid on the block in becoming familiar with the technical aspect of OSEP. Lastly, he is very highly thought of throughout all of OSEP." -from Admin. Officer, 3/15/95

"Glenn was always cheerful, patient and flexible as we slowly entered the PC world, keeping our unit heads advised of institutional policies, and helping to develop our resources. All standard hardware and software problems were taken care of quickly. We know that Glenn came early and stayed late when trying to work out some of these problems. Glenn's expertise was such that we seldom had to use the hotline, his explanations of why things didn't work were given in a manner that taught new skills without making staff feel "dumb." This has kept the enthusiasm to learn high." - from OSEP Fiscal Officer, 8/2/90

"Glenn has been a delight and, however pleased I am to see him promoted, I am sorry to see him leave us. He is knowledgeable, helpful, a good teacher, a patient troubleshooter, expert in his work, and eager to make things work right. Glenn's personality was perfect for our circumstances. He was careful to peg his comments to the level of computer knowledge of each of us." -from Division Head within CLS, NAS, 8/1/90